For Better For Worse


With age comes the understanding
That on the other side of pain, trauma, and adversity
There is a deeper love

One that comes not through relational entitlement
Or instant gratification
But it can only be experienced through sacrifice
and grace, allowing others to be their flawed self
While you are allowed to be a flawed you

We are owed nothing
If we are lucky enough
It is our job
No scratch that, our duty to love in a way that gets our hands dirty, to wrestle with our demons, to embrace the abyss of sleep and the uncertainty that loving another human being brings

Loving one another is as precarious as loving an invisible God
All things worth exploring are intangible and elusive
The great unseen
Love, hunger, soul, anger, lust, even our very thoughts nor the Creator can be quantified into physical matter
We simply trust that it is there, that it is real, and it is something worth risking our very souls for.

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