Sonya Mastick – Biography

Musician, writer, researcher, entrepreneur, poet: Sonya Mastick’s passions span a wide spectrum. Her twenty-year plus history of professional musicianship has taken her not only to every bar and club in metro Detroit, but throughout all of North America. She has had a hand in every aspect of the music industry, from live gigs and studio work to promotions and booking.

Sonya’s first book has been called “a stark and personal insight into one person’s journey through their past.” Poems Fueled by Espresso, Therapy, and My Unexpected Life is comprised of poems and journal entries taken from a two-year period of therapy, introspection, and reflection on the events that shaped Sonya’s life.
Not limited to creative writing, Sonya’s latest work is Prisoner to Patriot, a compelling nonfiction work that details the life of Nobuyuki Shimokochi, a Japanese American who travels the unlikely path from an internment camp prisoner to United States Army veteran.

Sonya continues her work in the music industry in a different guise today; as owner of The Lesson Rooms in Royal Oak, Michigan. She is also the founder and Chair of the local nonprofit group Play It Forward, which helps underprivileged youth access the world of music.

Sonya lives in Ferndale, Michigan, with her husband David


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